Safe Transportation in NY

We are in the business of transporting people not packages and your safety and security as our passenger is our top priority. Here are some of the ways we ensure it.

  • All of our chauffeurs are experienced drivers trained by us. We verify that they have a valid New York State Chauffeurs license. We review their DMV Records. Our chauffeurs are drug and alcohol tested before being hired and then randomly tested for alcohol and drugs every month. We fingerprint and conduct an independent background check on our chauffeurs. We periodically conduct blind tests of our chauffeurs' performance and evaluate each aspect of their performance from pick-up to drop-off.

  • We maintain our fleet of vehicles in our company owned, state-of-the-art mechanical repair and full service body shop.

  • Every vehicle is equipped with a GPS — Global Positioning Satellite unit.

  • Every vehicle is equipped with a Drive Cam unit that gives us real time information as to the vehicles' whereabouts at all times. The Drive Cam unit is a camera system mounted on the front windshield of every vehicle, which constantly monitors the chauffeurs' driving habits and records and stores any thing that sets the camera off such as speed and sudden stops.

  • An alarm sounds in our dispatch office if your Chauffeur exceeds 60 mph.

  • We instituted and perfected a "4 for 1" vehicle back up system. For every four vehicles that have passengers in them, we leave one vehicle empty to provide back-up to the other four. In the event of an accident, flat tire, breakdown or even, a change in your plans, we are on the scene with another vehicle fully equipped and ready to serve you quickly.

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