Airport Limo Service - Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Airport is one of the nicest and friendliest of all New York area airports. Located in New Jersey, Newark is approximately 16 miles from Midtown Manhattan. Newark Airport consists of three terminals - A, B and C. Please give your flight number to you Chauffeur on departing flights to confirm with a skycap that you are at the correct terminal. A continuous service Monorail connects all three terminals, just in case the skycap makes a mistake.

Newark Arrival Procedures:
All Domestic arriving travelers will be met at the baggage carousel. Newark Airport is very large and different gates connect to different down escalators. Your Chauffeur will greet you with a sign that has your name on it at the baggage carousel. All International arriving passengers will be greeted outside of the Customs Area by your Chauffeur with a sign that has your name on it. If you can not locate your Chauffeur, please call 800.962.2827, and press 4 for dispatch.

Do Not Park Service
Ask the Flight Attendant which terminal you are in. Call 800.962.2827 and press 4 for the Dispatch to tell us which terminal you are in. Newark Airport has three levels. The Dispatch will direct you to the appropriate level and ask what door number you are at. Dispatch will direct the vehicle and Chauffeur directly to you.

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