LimoGreen is the pioneer in environmentally-friendly executive travel, providing luxury Lincoln Town Cars that run on clean, efficient natural gas. LimoGreen delivers an elegant solution for a cleaner, greener environment while preserving the quality and style of travel experience that executives demand—all at the same cost as a gasoline Town Car

Compared to gasoline vehicles, natural gas vehicles produce considerably lower amounts of harmful emissions, and actually reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary “greenhouse gas” causing climate change.

Typical natural gas vehicles can reduce exhaust emissions of:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) by almost 20%
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) by 70%
  • Non-methane organic gas (NMOG) by 87%
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 87%

Use of natural gas also reduces our “addiction” to foreign oil, and enables greater energy independence for America. About 85 percent of the natural gas used in the United States is produced domestically from our nation’s natural gas deposits.

Others promise fuel-efficient travel by using small hybrid vehicles, but LimoGreen’s full-size Lincoln Town cars accommodate up to 3 riders in the spacious, leather-upholstered back seat. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and relax, or to use your travel time to catch up on important work.

LimoGreen enhances riders’ luxury experience by offering a number of amenities:

  • Newspaper
  • Bottled water
  • Satellite radio
  • Wireless Internet 

There are more than 150,000 natural gas vehicles on U.S. roads today and millions in operation worldwide, validating its safe, reliable use as a day-to-day alternative to conventional gasoline.  In fact, natural gas is proven to be safer than conventional gasoline in an accident.

In addition to being large American-made vehicles, LimoGreen Lincoln Town Cars also happen to have a 5-Star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—outperforming smaller hybrid cars when it comes to the safety of passengers riding in the back.

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