Airport Limousine Service - JFK International Airport

JFK Airport is New York City's largest and busiest International Airport. JFK Airport is current undergoing construction. As a result, many of the parking areas and passenger terminals have been closed or have limited access. Please call your airline to find out if your terminal is operating at normal efficiency.

At JFK, many airlines are house in multiple terminals. American departs and arrives from terminals 8 and 9. Delta departs and arrives from terminals 2 and 3. Many airlines at JFK utilize co-shares, which enables smaller airlines to transport the larger airline travelers during peak season. For example, although you may have a Delta ticket, Aeromexico may be the actual airline to transport you. Aeromexico arrives in terminal one. On arrival day, you may be switched to a co-share airline that arrives in a different terminal. Here are some tips to make your travel in and out of JFK easier.

Always give your Chauffeur your departing flight number. When arriving at the departure terminal, request that your Chauffeur confirm with a Skycap that your flight is actually departing from that terminal. Please do not dismiss your Chauffeur until you have confirmed with a Skycap that your flight is leaving from the terminal you are at.

JFK is probably the most difficult airport to greet arriving travelers. Numerous terminals, switching of gates and terminals, utilizing other terminals and parking lot closures are some of the daily obstacles at JFK. The best thing an arriving passenger can do at JFK is to ask the flight attendant upon departing the plane what terminal you are in. Then, call us at 800.962.2827 and press 4 for dispatch to advise us of your terminal location. This will help in case the airline switched terminals upon arrival and the message center has not been updated yet. American, Delta and many international flights generally switch terminals, which can cause problems when dispatchers have the Chauffeur in one terminal and you arrive in another.

Please note that arrival procedures at JFK differ from terminal to terminal.

American airlines parking lots are under construction and are schedule to re-open in May of 2008.

On all Domestic arrivals, passengers will be met at the baggage claim area with a Chauffeur that has a sign with the passenger's name on it. International arrivals will be met outside of the customs area. Call 800.962.2827 and press 4 for dispatch. Dispatch will advise you where your Chauffeur will greet you.

Do Not Park Service:
Because of the extensive traffic at JFK, we have a designated area where we station our vehicles. Upon arrival, please ask your flight attendant what terminal you arrived at. Once you retrieve your luggage, please call 800.962.2827 and press 4 for the dispatch. We will direct you to the appropriate waiting area.

Please note the vehicles can not park in front of the terminal and can only pick up in designated areas.

Current Luggage Rules:
Due to increased security at our airports since 9/11, carry on luggage rules can change at any time. Please be advised of the following rules regarding carry on luggage:

  • Different airlines may have different size rules regarding carry on bags. It is best for you to check with your airline when planning to carry on luggage.

  • No sharp objects are allowed in your carry on bags. Remove scissors, nail clippers, nail files, etc.

  • Passengers are allowed to bring liquids on board if they are in 3 ounce bottles placed in one clear quart size zip lock plastic bag.

Check with your airline for current rules regarding carry on luggage.

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